Openstars unique offering combines the advantages of distributed ledger technology purpose built for open permissioned settings while leveraging mainstream enterprise technologies.


All changes to any ledger are witnessed and approved by a quorum of the interested parties.

Real Time Auditability

An auditor of a business area can assume a “read only” role and watch the stream of events for compliance issues in real time.

Reliably Shared State

Participants can be sure that their view of the ledger is identical to the view that every other one of the potentially thousands of participants sees. If the ledger is synchronised, view and the history are precisely the same for everyone.


Programmable Verifiable Updates

The workflows that are executed against a ledger are executed on every node and cannot be altered without alerting the operator of the node.

Dynamic Quorum

Create policies to add and remove the entites trusted to curate the network.

Private & Secure

Openstar encrypts all data end to end, when a transaction leaves the machine it is generated on it is encrypted and cannot (in any reasonable time span) be decrypted until it reaches the machines of the intended recipients.